Announcing the Tim Spann Human Rights Memorial Fund

Welcome to The International Museum of Human Rights at San Diego

The International Museum of Human Rights at San Diego (iMoHR) is a unique Museum and research center designed to foster awareness of, and respect for, human rights. iMoHR is a Museum without walls, one filled with ideas for programs generated by the founder, Nick Stamon, and continuing by the dedicated members of the Board of Directors.  

The mission of iMoHR is
1) to educate the public about all aspects of human rights,
2) to nurture advocacy for human rights worldwide, and
3) to advance research on human rights issues.

The aim of the Museum is to be open-ended—to be as inclusive as possible in addressing both historical and contemporary issues. The goal is to achieve the broadest possible awareness and knowledge of human rights. To this end, the Museum presents free lectures, theatrical productions, movies and film festivals, and concerts throughout the San Diego region.

iMoHR is a 501(c) (3) U.S. public charity and a nonprofit corporation in California. As such, the Museum may receive tax-deductible contributions, bequests, devises, transfers, or gifts!